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Green energy

The climate crisis is motivating scientists from all over the world to undertake research projects on green energy. One of the key topics of this work is solar energy, which is unlimited and available to everyone. In their concepts, scientists focus, among other things, on methods for the efficient extraction and storage of solar energy. These projects are aided by PREVAC’s scientific vacuum technologies, which are currently being used in a number of promising projects that bring our reality closer to the vision of a zero-carbon future.


Solar panels

It only takes an hour for the sun to supply the earth with energy equal to the annual demand of all mankind. To be able to exploit this potential to the full, the power industry needs an economical and efficient system for extracting energy from the sun’s rays. Hence the continuous research into increasingly absorptive, efficient and resistant photovoltaic materials for coating panels. We provide modular research platforms for projects to develop suitable coatings and manufacture them so that the results meet the expectations of the photovoltaic market. PREVAC’s test platforms are designed for a variety of deposition methods and meet even the most stringent scientific research requirements.


Solar fuels

Solar energy requires economic and efficient methods of production and storage, mainly due to variations in insolation (related to both diurnal cycle and weather phenomena). One of the promising solutions is photolysis of water (PEC – photoelectrochemical water splitting), a process that allows conversion of solar energy into solar fuels. Research work in this area is mainly focused on the search for material technologies for the production of efficient and mass-applicable solar cells. PREVAC systems for deposition (Magnetron Sputtering, PLD) and analysis (XPS) are successfully used in research on finding suitable materials for renewable energy from sunlight.

Thermoelectric generators

Thermoelectric materials are widely used in applications such as refrigerators, seat heating, electronics cooling and electricity generation. The wide range of applications for these materials is due to their unique properties, such as reliability and lack of maintenance. Thermoelectric generators (TEG) convert the heat released during the production process into electrical energy, which offers great potential for research. PREVAC deposition systems (e.g. MBE, PLD) together with the analysis module (XPS) support such projects and allow, among other things, the preparation and characterization of thermoelectric materials.

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