We push the limits
of technological possibilities

Multidisciplinary team of specialists.

Our engineers, designers, scientists, electronics engineers and programmers develop vacuum techniques tailored to the needs of even the most demanding projects.

Global know-how.

We cooperate with the best research institutes and enterprises from all over the world. We have no territorial limits and technological barriers.

Innovation leader.

Since 1996, we have been designing and creating solutions that no one else would undertake to build.

Advanced technique.

Continuous development and pushing the boundaries of technological progress are part of our DNA.

We create unique technologies tailored to the client's needs.

We design and construct UHV and HV systems fully adapted to the individual requirements of research projects and industrial applications.

We are a world leader in the design and production of analytical and deposit scientific and research equipment. Our systems operate in a high and ultra high vacuum environment.

We are a distributor and partner of the following companies: Leybold, VAT, Weber Cooling, Gamma Vacuum. We provide an authorized service of Leybold vacuum pumps and installations in Poland.

The greatest potential of PREVAC is a team of experts specialized in vacuum technology and many scientific fields.


Your project process

Research & Analysis

We run projects with an emphasis on professional research and analysis of their results as well as identification of customer needs. We work in close cooperation with the client at every stage of the project.

Creative Solutions

Our team of experts develops solution proposals and concepts that enable us to implement even the most complex projects.


A selected team of designers, constructors, scientists and engineers with the best matching qualifications and specialization proceeds to the implementation of the project.


We start production with attention to every detail. After successful completion of the device tests, we are ready to deliver it, install it and provide full support during your work.


Management Team

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Glenz

President & Founder

Sylwia Gatnar

General Director

Paweł Sobczak

Managing Director, Industry Division

Monika Chojnowska

Administration and Finance Director

Patrycja Reiss-Fizia

Plenipotentiary for Control and Quality Management

Roman Świtula

Chief Accountant

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