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Vacuum cooling systems

We offer a range of high-quality solutions for vacuum cooling and cold chain management, using the latest refrigeration technology and the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Combined with a worldwide network of suppliers, we are able to provide complete cold chain solutions for vegetables, flowers and other products as well as for food (e.g. sushi) and bakery applications.


Vacuum cooling is a pre-cooling method in which the product is cooled by evaporating water from inside the product itself. This evaporation results in a loss of energy from the product in the form of heat, which allows for quick cooling, typically within 15-30 minutes for most products.

For products with a high surface area-to-weight ratio, such as leaf lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, compost, sprouts, and flowers, vacuum pre-cooling is the ideal solution. But also other (more compact) products such as beans, broccoli, celery, and corn, and perishable products such as strawberries and blueberries can be pre-cooled quickly and efficiently using vacuum technology.

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