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Radial distribution systems

Designed to transfer samples between multiple analysis, deposition or preparation chambers that are connected to it.

The chambers are normally mounted at the centre of a series of chambers, acting as a central distribution hub for cluster tools. The transportation and rotating mechanism of the RDC chamber provides repeatable and accurate sample transfer to other chambers. The radial distribution chamber mechanism is a development of the linear rack-and-pinion transporter, where a single-ended rack-and-pinion is precisely rotated by a precision rotary drive until it is aligned in a preset position at a radial port. Once locked into position, the same rotary drive transfers the rack out through the port.

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Technical data

Travelling flange DN 63CF – DN 160CF
Viewport flange DN 160CF
Chamber diameter 550 – 1200 mm (other on request)
Max transfer length Z 395 – 904, depends on chamber diameter, transferring arm and sample holder type (other on request)
Positional control manual / semi-motorised (option) / motorised (option)
Bakeout temperature up to 150°C

Transfer Length

Chamber diameter D [mm] Maximum transfer length Z [mm]
for PTS (1″) sample holders for flag style sample holders
550 telescopic 555 572
700 telescopic 780 797
700 395 414
750 444 463
800 493 512
900 591 610
1000 689 708
1200 885 904


Standard or telescopic transferring arm
• By rotating only one rotary feedthrough you can move the transfer arm in and out, rotate the sample holder around the arm axis, rotate the mechanism between transfer ports and lock/unlock the sample holder.
• Chamber body diameters from 550 to 1200 mm (can be customized)
• Configured with TSP and transfer mechanism with rack-and-pinion rotary motion feedthrough
Time to transfer between two chambers < 45 sec. (manual mode) – fast transfer time allows cold samples to stay cold (temperature rise also depends on initial temperature and heat capacity)
Fast & reliable drop-proof transfer of hot & cold samples
• Up to 8 transfer positions to other UHV chambers with automatic sample positioning
• Guaranteed base pressure: 10-11 mbar range after 48h of bakeout. 10-10 mbar during transferring
• Numerous viewports
• Equipped with additional ports with UHV connecting flanges for future versatility
• Can be equipped with application matched vacuum pumps to achieve the best pressure range (e.g. turbo, ion, getter or titanium sublimation pumps)


  • R1 axis rotation (90° left, 90° right, 180°). Rotation is independent for each port.
  • Sample holders – RDC design allows transferring a wide range of various sample holders:
    – PTS, Flag Style, Plate Style, Puck Style or special design holders up to 8”,
    – with heating by direct, indirect or e-beam methods up to 2000°C,
    – with high cooling efficiency down to 4.8 K (LHe),
    – dedicated for e.g. quartz balance, Faraday cup, high-pressure reactors, powder materials, IR spectroscopy and many others.
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