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FTIR spectroscopy systems

The infrared chamber is specifically designed for IR spectroscopic investigations. It is equipped with a precision sample positioning mechanism, viewports and spare ports for future equipment. Potassium bromide glass ports are included and the system is prepared for use with Bruker Optics Inc. infrared spectrometers. Other commercially available spectrometers may be interfaced on request.


  • UHV-HP platform for Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
  • LN2 or LHe cooling solutions
  • Infrared transmission and reflection mode
  • DRIFT, ATR, RAIRS option for transmission mode
  • Differentially pumped KBr viewports
  • Optimised for Bruker Optics Inc. infrared spectrometers (other commercially available spectrometers may be interfaced on request)
  • Independent spectrometer frame – easy disconnection
  • Modular frame prepared for extension


  • TDS Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy
  • IS40C1 cleaning ion source
  • Gas dosing system
  • Wide range pressure regulation system (1 mbar – 10-10 mbar)

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