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UHV TRIBOMETER with 6-axis force sensor.

Module for study of tribological and mechanical properties (e.g. for indentation and fracture experiments) between two surfaces in wide range of temperatures, from UHV to ambient pressure conditions.

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  • Range of normal forces: from 0.1 N to 15 N
  • Friction measurements from 0.01 to 2
  • Closed loop control of applied load
  • Ball-on-disk rotating tribometer – reciprocating or continuous
  • Pressure range from 10-9 mbar up to 1 atm of gases and vapors (H2, O2, N2, H2O, CH4, CxHy and others)
  • Temperature:
    – from room temperature to 600 °C – for ball sample
    – from -120 °C up to 600 °C – for flat sample
  • Equipped with:
    – 2 axes upper manipulator (with heating) for ball sample holders (up to 1/2“)
    – 1 axis lower manipulator (with heating & cooling) for flat sample holders
  • Modular design allows for connecting deposition modules (MBE, PLD, sputtering) or analytical modules (XPS/UPS/ARPES, NAP XPS, IR etc.)
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