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Plastics & composities processing

Vacuum technologies are successfully used in the processing of plastic materials and so-called composites. Innovative composite materials are distinguished by their physical and chemical properties and are used, among others, in aeronautics, space research, marine industry, renewable energy as well as in construction and civil engineering. We offer UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) installations tailored to individual requirements and needs of industrial applications for processes such as resin degassing, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding). PREVAC vacuum technologies are also used in autoclaves to create advanced composites for aerospace and military products.

UHV systems are also used in the plastics industry to help improve plastic properties such as strength, quality and smoothness. We offer vacuum systems for applications including: vacuum transport of granules, degassing of the extruder (e.g. PP, PE, PS), gluing and pressing, and deep drawing and thermoforming.

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