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Utility vacuum

Utility vacuum systems are widely used in many industries and fields, such as woodworking, material handling and transport, degassing, composites processes, the plastics industry and environmental engineering. We offer vacuum technologies for:

  • Woodworking and processes such as: lifting and handling of components due to mechanical vacuum action, holding materials for CNC milling, drying and wood impregnation processes.
  • Material handling and transport in processes such as: degassing and filling containers with ink for the paper industry, vacuum transport to feed extrusion machines in the plastics industry and vacuum mooring.
  • Degassing in the manufacture of lithium batteries and the production of ceramics and bricks, among others.
  • Composite processing in resin degassing, infusion, RTM technology and autoclaves.
  • Plastics processing for vacuum granulate transport, extruder degassing (e.g. PP, PE, PS), bonding, pressing and deep drawing.Environmental engineering for waste water degassing, biogas production and soil remediation.
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