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Leak detection

Tightness is crucial to the efficient and correct operation of a vacuum system and allows the parameters required for the process to be achieved. For a vacuum system to work properly, an acceptable state of tightness must be monitored and tested.

We offer leak testing and detection services for vacuum system components at our premises or by road, at the customer’s site. Our mobile service teams quickly arrive on site and efficiently locate leaks and faults, after which the vacuum system returns to working order.

Our measuring equipment is based on Helium and has the highest possible measuring resolution of Q=10e-12 mbar l/s. This allows us to diagnose faults in the metal structure, such as porosity or discontinuous welds. The holes that correspond to such leaks are <0.1nm in size. Such small surface defects are impossible to diagnose using conventional weld inspection methods.

Our detectors are regularly calibrated against national standards and supervised according to ISO 9001.

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