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Linear Transfers

Designed to transport sample holders/samples between chambers under UHV conditions.

They are commonly used to transfer samples from load lock chambers to UHV system main chambers. The linear transfers are pumped by the research platform pumping system or else with a dedicated pump set. The entire movement range of the transfer mechanism is via rotary motion feedthrough. The range of the transfer movement is from 450 to 1600 mm.

There are two types of linear transfers available:
• 1 axis – with forward movement only,
• 2 axes – with forward movement and continuous rotation around the movement axis.

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Technical data

Travelling flange DN 63CF
Max transfer length Z 320 – 1600 mm, depends on chamber length and sample holder type (other on request)
Positional control manual / motorised (option)
Bakeout temperature up to 150°C

Transfer Length

Maximum transfer length Z [mm] Housing length L [mm]
320 592
500 772
750 1022
1000 1272
1250 1522
1500 1772
1600 1872


  • Both axes can be motorised
  • Gripper for various types of sample holders: PTS, Flag style, Plate style (up to 6”), Puck style (others on request)

Two-sided solution

Two sided linear transfer allows for transferring through linear transfer chamber in both directions. Chamber can be equipped with additional ports for connecting e.g. pump.

The range of the transfer movement is from 500 to 2000 mm.

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