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Beam flux monitor

The Beam Flux Monitor enables measurement of the beam equivalent pressure (BEP) in MBE applications.

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It is typically mounted on a linear shift/z-stage to allow the filament to be positioned near to the substrate and includes a protection shield when in the standby position.

Readouts and full control (device status, Z-axis shift) are provided by dedicated software application and Ion Multi Gauge Controller. Application can be integrated with Synthesium – advanced deposition software tool.

Technical data

Mounting flange DN 63CF (non-rotatable)
Measurement system Bayard-Alpert ion gauge
Measurement range 10-3 to 2×10-11 Torr
Linear stroke 150 mm (other on request)
Max. outer diameter 63 mm
Filament dual filament, ytrium coated iridium
Controller 3 channel MG15 – communication interface: RS232/485, Ethernet, PROFINET (option – specify at order)
Bakeout temperature up to 200 °C


  • BEP measurement
  • Ion current measurement [nA units]


  • Motorisation
  • Customised insertion length
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