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UV source UVS 40A2

High intensity photon source that can be operated with a variety of discharge gases.

The UVS 40A2 is used in UPS (ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy) research. The UVS is water cooled for maximum stability and features fully interlocked safety circuitry. The discharge has a maximum photon intensity at a pressure of several mbar so dual differential pumping stages are employed in order to maintain the host chamber pressure. The UVS 40A2 is designed so that a continuous gas flow is maintained through the discharge region. This is a great advantage in maintaining the cleanliness of the discharge capillary and results in very long service intervals.

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Technical data

Mounting flange DN 40 CF (non-rotatable)
Gases He, Ar (option: Kr, Xe, Ne)
Photocurrent 1 – 80 nA
Photon flux >1016 photons / s*sr
He I / He II ratio better than 3:1
Water cooling required, pressure 2 – 3 bar (max. 6 bar), flow > 1.5 l/min, Tmax= 30 °C
Port aligner integral , +/- 4°
Discharge current 40 – 300 mA
Beam divergence small beam divergence: <1°
Capillary I.D. 1.5 mm (others on request)
Insertion length 220 mm (standard), other on request, OD: 9.5 mm
FWHM dependent on working distance (e.g. 1.2 mm for distance 10 mm)
Typical working distance 5 – 100 mm (optimum 5 – 50 mm)
Bakeout temperature up to 200 °C
Working pressure < 1 mbar


  • Can be operated with various discharge gases
  • Manual or auto ignition
  • Control of the He I / He II ratio via precise adjustment of helium pressure and discharge current
  • Easy operation
  • Stable output
  • Special designed discharge chamber
  • Electronically stabilised discharge current
  • Windowless, direct sight connection


  • Gas dosing system
  • Customised insertion length
  • Linear shift (50 – 100 mm)
  • Vacuum Gauges set
  • Chiller
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