Sustainable Development

We combine our business activities with care for the natural environment and the community we operate in.


Innovators at Prevac

People are the foundation of our company. We strive for an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect in our company. We are creating an organisation culture that recognises both the unique value of each individual and the synergy effects of teamwork.

We achieve our goals through our employees, who are provided with a safe, ergonomic and friendly working environment and are fully equipped with modern tools to facilitate their tasks.

We take care to comply with health and safety regulations. Safety is the basis of our business.

Resources and goods

The origin of the raw materials and goods from which our products are made is important to our business. We are committed to the responsible use of natural resources in the production and distribution of our products, goods and services and wish to provide them without harm to humans, the environment or future generations.

When selecting resources, we use materials from sustainable manufacturers wherever possible. We apply transparent rules for the selection of partners, particularly suppliers of materials and services. When carrying out purchase transactions, we place emphasis on the quality of the goods, delivery date, price and environmental aspects.

We consistently follow our supply chains and are in contact with our suppliers to save energy, use renewable energy and comply with health and safety guidelines and regulations. We base the relationship with our suppliers and partners above all on partnership, mutual trust, honesty, while ensuring that the cooperation is professional and reliable.

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Good relations

We care about good relationships in our operations. We are committed to conducting business with a high level of integrity. We focus on creating customer value, including through support and advice, high quality and purchase satisfaction. At the same time, we believe that our long-term success is linked to creating healthy, successful environments and communities.

We provide products, goods and services that help change the world. We design with the end user in mind, successfully applying international standards to ensure safety and ergonomic usage. Our products are safe and marketed in accordance with current legislation.

We respect human rights and do not tolerate any discrimination. Any attempts that go against our compliance policies or those of our clients will not be made or tolerated. We are committed to equal gender opportunities and relationships. We have an open and comprehensive communication policy towards both our employees and outsiders. This includes all areas such as economic development, medium- and long-term planning, investments, new developments, community involvement, new projects, marketing activities, personnel changes and crisis management.


The GoGreen philosophy also manifests itself in the design of our products. As part of our design work, we consider the entire life cycle of a product and its potential impact on the environment. We place emphasis on versatility and standardised solutions that allow products to be easily upgraded without the need to spend huge amounts of time designing and manufacturing specialised components. On the other hand, the modular approach to apparatus design allows the client to expand later with further measurement techniques without having to purchase new apparatus. Such a solution makes it possible to achieve the same result with less effort and minimise the negative impact on the environment. It is also at the product design stage that possibilities to reduce energy or water consumption are analysed.

In all of our processes, we try to use electronic document workflows, thus reducing the use of paper. In terms of logistics processes, on the other hand, we look at the possibilities of recycling and reusing transport packaging and so-called fillers. Waste generated during production, assembly or service processes is separated, collected and reported in compliance with the legal requirements for environmental protection.

Good relations

We take conscious actions to minimise the effects of climate change. The sustainable development policy is complemented by an environmental aspect. We know that our attention to intensive development and the measures we take build public awareness of environmental issues. The conscious use of natural resources is important to us and firmly embedded in our medium-term policy. We strive to use resources such as energy, water, materials and space in a responsible manner. We are aware of the environmental impact of our decisions and processes, so we aim to achieve the goal of CO2 neutrality through the use of: energy-efficient engines, alternative heating solutions, energy-efficient furnace technology, geothermal ducts, the location and technology of certain buildings in terms of energy optimisation, photovoltaic installations with energy storage, or green roof infrastructure.

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