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Quartz balance QO 40A1

The Quartz Balance QO 40A1 provides a real-time, progressive indication of coating thickness during deposition, for high accuracy and reproducibility in coatings production.

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The thickness of both evaporated and sputter coated films can be monitored. The sensor head is a water cooled, non-magnetic housing which is permanently positioned in the vacuum system. The crystal face is parallel to the water cooling feedthrough pipes. The Quartz Balance QO 40A1 is mounted on a DN 40CF flange with two Ø6 pipes and Microdot S-50 coaxial connector. Customized insertion length 130 – 500 mm (other on request).

Technical data

Mounting flange DN 40CF (rotatable)
Max. operation temperature up to 300°C (with water cooling)
Water cooling (required) water flow > 0.5 l/min
temperature: 20 – 30 °C
max pressure: 6 bar
Crystal frequency  4.8 – 6 MHz, 14 mm diameter (industry standard)
Insertion length dependent on specification and geometry of the chamber
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C


  • Water-colled sensor head
  • Easy exchangeable quartz


  • Customised insertion length
  • With or without integrated manual/electro-pneumatic shutterDifferent mounting flanges (e.g. DN 40 KF)
  • Other quartz balance geometries on request (e.g. perpendicular head geometry)
  • Linear shift


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