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Thickness monitors controller TMC13

Newest technology electronics designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes. Up to six channel inputs and two additional vacuum gauge channels together with 7″ TFT display make this unit really unique and universal.


  • Up to 6 channels for thickness monitor sensors with quartz balances
  • 2D real time chart module
  • Two inputs for most active vacuum gauges
  • Up to 8 shutters and I/O reprogrammable
  • Relay outputs
  • Rwo reprogrammable analog outputs for rate and thickness monitoring with 16 bits resolution
  • Industry standard 6 MHz Crystal
  • Frequency resolution: 0.1 Hz (TM13) or 0.01 Hz (TM14)
  • Operation of up to two multi-crystal sensor heads (pneumatic or stepper motor)
  • Compact design
  • One-touch material change
  • Favourites list for frequently used materials
  • One-touch units change
  • Save individual user profile
  • Built-in video tutorials
  • LabVIEW libraries

Technical data

Supply voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (power consumption max 100 W)
TM sensor inputs channels 6
Thickness 0 – 9999000 Å
Rate 0 – 9999 Å/s
Compatible sensors
(two channels)
CTR90, TTR91, TTR211, PTR225, PTR90, ITR90, ITR100, Baratron, ANALOG IN, MKS937A, PG105, MG13/14, PKR251/360/361, PCR280, ATMION
Frequency resolution TM13: 0.1 Hz | TM14: 0.01 Hz
Frequency range 2-6 MHz
Thickness resolution TM13: 0.1 Å | TM14: 0.01 Å
Rate resolution TM13: 0.1 Å/s | TM14: 0.01 Å/s
Frequency stability TM13: 0.5 ppm | TM14: 0.5 ppm
Tooling factor 1 – 400%
Measurement units Å, kÅ, nm
Measurement period 100 ms – 2 s (depend on TM type)
Shutter control manual, time, thickness
Shutter time 1 – 1000000 s
Pressure channels inputs 2
Measurement units mbar, Pa, Torr, Psia
Degas time 1 – 3 min
Output ▪ 8 relay outputs (2 outputs with COM NC and NO contacts)
▪ 2 analog outputs: 0-10V (retransmision thickness, rate, pressure)
Inputs 4 digital inputs (in 24V logic)
Communication interface RS232/485, Ethernet
Communication protocol MODBUS-TCP
User interface 7″ TFT display with touchscreen
Interface languages English, German, Polish
Dimensions 212.6 x 128.4 x 260.9 mm (W x H x D)
Weight (approx.) 3 kg


Sensor inputs can be assigned to different materials with individual parameters as well. High speed and high accuracy measuring process controlled by the DSP processor improves the film quality and repeatability. It brings also features of accuracy, stability and instrument configuration. Autosave function for saving your parameters/unit preset and applying them automatically after restart.

Available software dedicated to precise rate measurements. Registers changes in the frequency of the quartz resonator in time (in the form of a graph). Allows the user to calculate the evaporation rate from the selected time interval. Suitable for e.g. MBE applications.


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