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Ion source IS 40F1

Compact, easy-to-use extractor-type ion source with a beam-focusing function. It is mainly used for sample surface cleaning, but the focus feature enables more possibilities. For example: it allows to cover different sample areas at the same sample distance or to use source even when it’s impossible to get the source closer to the sample. The source generates an ion current of >200 μA/cm2 (Argon) with a Gaussian beam profile. The ion gun insertion length is adaptable to individual requirements (between 143 mm – 386 mm, other on request).

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Technical data

Mounting flange DN 40CF  (non-rotatable)
Energy range 0.12 keV – 5 keV
Current density > 200 μA/cm2 (for distance 30 mm)
Shield Cu, stainless steel (for reactive gases)
Cathode type yttrium oxide coated iridium filament
Insertion length min. 143 mm, other on request
OD: max. 37 mm
FWHM dependent on ion energy and working distance
(e.g. 1.4 mm for distance 60 mm, 3 mm for distance 150 mm)
Typical working distance 30 – 250 mm
Bakeout temperature up to 250°C
Working pressure 10-5 – 10-6 mbar


  • Beam focus function – possible beam concentration to 3 mm at all sample distances between 30 mm-150 mm
  • High beam intensity at larger distances (due to the focus feature)
  • Operation with inert (Ar) & reactive gases (O2, H2, hydrocarbons with reduced lifetime)
  • High Ion Beam Current
  • Long lifetime
  • High stability


  • Gas dosing system
  • Customised insertion length
  • Linear shift
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