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Double filament effusion cell EF 40C1DF

EF 40C1DF Double Filament Effusion Cell is a source with two independently operated filaments for greater convenience in the evaporation process. Custom insertion length min. 325 mm (other on request).


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Technical data

Mounting flange DN 40CF (rotatable)
Heater W wire (tungsten)
Temperature range 250 °C – 1400 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.1°C
Crucible type (option) PBN, Al2O3, Quartz (other materials on request)
Crucibles volume 5cc (other volume on request)
Evaporated materials Group III-V MBE all typical materials (e.g. Ga, In, Al, Si, Be, Cu, Ag, Au, CaF2)
Thermocouple type type C
Degassing temp. 1450 °C
Water cooling (required) water flow: > 0.5 l/min, temperature: 15 – 30 °C, max pressure: 6 bar
Insertion length min. 115 mm (other on request) OD: 35 mm
Spot size Dependent on working distance
Working distance 100 – 150 mm
Bakeout temperature up to 250 °C
Working pressure < 10-5 mbar


  • Dual filament source operation
  • Operation modes: serial, parallel, hot lip, cold lip
  • Extremely stable flux rates
  • Various crucible materials
  • Highly reproducible & reliable
  • Suitable for use in any MBE system
  • Mo free construction (allows high outgassing temperatures)
  • Integral water cooling
  • Thermocouple type C


  • Customised insertion length
  • With or without integrated manual/electro-pneumatic shutter
  • Linear shift
  • Crucibles
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