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basic MS system

Simply and fully functional sputter deposition unit for reproducible thin film layers applying. Plug & work compact design. 

The process chamber contains 3 ports for magnetron sputtering sources (for metals and inorganics), mounted in a sputter-down configuration. Up to two sources used at the same time (co-deposition) The substrate stage is intended for up to 2-inch diameter samples, with a heating & rotation option. 


  • Plug&work construction 
  • Easy-to-use mobile unit for quick testing and sputtering coatings
  • Process chamber with large vacuum door for easy target or substrate replacement 
  • Equipped with MS2 100 ISO-K magnetron sources and novel M600DC-PS power supply
  • Substrate stage for up to 2″ diameter samples 
  • Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm 
  • 3 ports for 2-inches magnetron sources 
  • 1 viewport – observation windows with shutter 
  • Protection shield against cross-contamination 
  • Base pressure range 10-7 mbar 
  • Fast pumping system with vacuum gauges 
  • Ar gas automatic dosing by mass flow control
  • A rigid main frame on wheels allows for easy placement of the system
  • Manual throttle valve


The fast pumping system (with a manual throttle valve) combined with the small volume of the process chamber allows you to reach the base pressure in a short time.

The process chamber is equipped with connecting flanges in HV standard for connecting current and future equipment, including: 

  • up to 3 magnetron sources 2”,
  • substrate manipulator,
  • pumping system,
  • protection shield against cross-contamination,
  • quartz balance,
  • viewport – observation windows with shutter,
  • vacuum gauges,
  • pyrometer.


  • Substrate heating up to 600 °C 
  • Substrate stage rotation 
  • RF magnetron power supply 
  • Deposition rate measurement 
  • Co-deposition 
  • Additional gas dosing – leak valve 
  • Pyrometer


Applications Examples
Single and multilayer conductor films (for microelectronics and semiconductor devices)  Al, Mo, Mo/Au, Ta, Ta/Au 
Barrier layers for semiconductor metallizations  TiN, W-Ti 
Magnetics films  Fe, Co, Ni, Fe-Al-Si, Co-Nb-Zr, Co-Cr, Fe-Ni-Cr, Fe-Si, Co-Ni-Cr, Co-Ni-Si  
Optical coatings – metallic (reflective)  Cr, Al, Ag 
Optical coatings – dielectric  MgO, TiO2 , ZrO2 
Photomasks  Cr, Mo, W 
Transparent gas/vapor permeation barriers  Al2O3
Transparent electrical conductors  InO2, SnO2,In-Sn-O (ITO) 


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